Our Team

Renew-e's Team

Etienne Rübbers

Etienne is a strong conceptual thinker who has 29 years’ experience in the energy industry. He is an engineer / financier with extensive experience in the renewable energy, gas and electricity sectors and has expertise working on the interfaces of business, technology and finance. He is passionate about the Just-Energy-Transition.

John Sichinga

John is an experienced engineer in the energy sector. He has developed gas applications in China, India, Mozambique and South Africa. Through is 30 years’ experience he had key roles at Globeleq, Sasol, Anglo Platinum and Zambia Consolidated Mines. In the last 4 years, John shifted his attention to the renewable energy space, in particularly PV plants in the C&I sector.

Alex Berndt

Alex is a software developer and data scientist with a background in machine learning and mathematics. He has a masters’ degree in systems and control from the TU Delft in the Netherlands. He has worked in the fields of machine learning and algorithm development with applications in robotics, intralogistics and data analytics.

Doug Orsmond

Douglas is an investment professional with 19 years’ experience in bridging technical knowledge and expertise into financial modelling, evaluation and decisions. He is a chemical engineer and CFA charterholder who has been focusing his attention on the Just-Energy-Transition.